"eCupid" is a romantic comedy film

"eCupid" is a romantic comedy film released in 2011, directed by J.C. Calciano. The movie follows the story of Marshall Thomas (played by Houston Rhines), a successful advertising executive who seems to have it all – a great job, a beautiful boyfriend Gabe (played by Noah Schuffman), and a fabulous life in Los Angeles. However, Marshall starts to feel like something is missing, leading him to become increasingly dissatisfied with his relationship and his routine life.

In his search for excitement and fulfillment, Marshall stumbles upon a mysterious dating app called eCupid, which promises to find the user's ideal romantic match. Intrigued by the app's claims, Marshall decides to download it, unaware of the chaos and comedy that will ensue.

As Marshall becomes engrossed in the world of eCupid, he finds himself matched with a variety of potential suitors, leading to hilarious encounters and mishaps. Along the way, he begins to question what truly matters in life and whether the grass is truly greener on the other side.

"eCupid" explores themes of love, relationships, and self-discovery in the digital age, with a mix of humor and heart. It's a light-hearted and entertaining film that reflects on modern romance and the complexities of navigating the dating scene in the age of technology.

In the movie "eCupid," several actors were cast in various roles

In the movie "eCupid," several actors were cast in various roles. Here are some of the main cast members:

  1. Houston Rhines as Marshall Thomas: He plays the protagonist, a successful advertising executive who becomes dissatisfied with his life and turns to the eCupid app in search of excitement.

  2. Noah Schuffman as Gabe: He portrays Marshall's boyfriend at the beginning of the film, who is comfortable with their routine life but doesn't share Marshall's desire for change.

  3. Matt Lewis as Chris: He is Marshall's best friend and coworker who offers advice and support throughout Marshall's journey with the eCupid app.

  4. Andy Anderson as Mr. Hutchens: He plays Marshall's boss at the advertising agency, adding a humorous element to Marshall's workplace dynamics.

  5. Galen Drever as J.P.: He is one of the potential suitors matched with Marshall through the eCupid app, leading to comedic encounters.

  6. John Callahan as Gary: Another potential suitor matched with Marshall, contributing to the comedic situations Marshall finds himself in.

These are some of the key actors in "eCupid," but there are other supporting cast members as well who contribute to the story's humor and charm.